Identifying opportunities isn’t enough!

December 10, 2012


Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

                                                                                                –Richard Branson


How many times have you been to a restaurant and thought, oh is this is something I can open? Or a children’s school, or an outsourcing company, or any other businesses that is in your sight on a regular basis. Some of these are visible but some others are not as much, like a company that supplies meals to airlines, or manufactures packaging materials. Some other just look very capital intensive and completely out of reach like Telecom, or Steel, or Oil Explorations. Yet, all these businesses have very basic fundamentals in common. They have paying customers; they deliver value to them and make a profit, eventually.

We see opportunities in the environment around us and that gives birth to ideas. Sometimes we get excited about ideas and start thinking about them. Most of these times however, we lack the discipline to think these ideas through. What will it take for me to make this idea work, what will it look like if it works out, how much money will it take? These are all questions that flash through our sub-conscious mind and we never go deep enough to find answers. If we did, we might find some of these to be very exciting and if not, the process itself is an education in itself. And the great thing about is that its very simple. All it requires is a little time, discipline and a little guidance.

The first step is to define the idea clearly, and assess the worthiness of the idea to make it actionable.

At Sunstone Business School, we are excited to open “Turning ideas into actions” course to the broader community and hope that you will enjoy as much as we have enjoyed teaching it.

Enroll for the online course to understand the frameworks and tools for opportunity assessment.



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Rajul Garg

Rajul Garg

Rajul is a Co-founder and Director of Sunstone Business School.
Previously, Rajul co-founded GlobalLogic, sold for $420M in 2013 to Apax partners in the largest deal of the year in India. Rajul built the operation ground up in India and then expanded through global acquisitions, until 2008. Rajul then consulted with top tier venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital and Aavishkaar, where he got exposed to the education sector. Earlier, right out of college, Rajul founded Pine Labs, a leader in the Indian market in credit card transactions. Rajul serves on several Boards, including publicly traded S Mobility, a leader in digital mobility. He is an active mentor to several startups, a sought after angel investor and a participant in several industry bodies such as TiE, NASSCOM, IIT Mentors and others.
Rajul is a 1998 Computer Science graduate from IIT, Delhi.

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